Tangerine by Christine Mangan

1. Book Cover, Harper Collins 2. Arabic tea. By wallla3a Source: flickr [CC BY 2.0] Changes: Colour removed, cropped. 3. Quote, page 9


Lucy … Alice. Two damaged souls and one of them is dangerous.

Plot summary: It’s the mid-1950s. Alice and her husband John are living in Tangier during the time of Moroccan independence. Lucy, a friend from her college days arrives unannounced after having had no contact since then. What happens next is narrated alternatively by Lucy and Alice, revealing their dark past, as they continue a volatile relationship over Arab mint tea.

Reviews“A Début Novel That Delights in Excess. Christine Mangan portrays a toxic friendship from two equally unreliable points of view.” Full review: New Yorker

“Christine Mangan’s prose and ideas can be a touch formulaic, but Tangerine should make a gripping movie.” Full review: Sydney Morning Herald

Adaptation: The book has been optioned for film by George Clooney’s production company Smokehouse Pictures, with Scarlett Johansson to star. Update: April 2020. No news yet on when/if this is going ahead.

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