Scrublands by Chris Hammer

1. Cover. Publisher: Allen and Unwin 2. First lines   3. Detail from the map in the frontispiece of the book   4. A country church. Source: Churches Australia
This will be a ripper TV series, but …


Plot summaryA journalist, Martin Scarsden, arrives in the small country town of Riversend on the one-year anniversary of a mass shooting by a priest. Martin is curious about why the priest committed such a terrible crime. He meets with various townspeople who give many contradictory “facts”. In the course of trying to sift out the truth, his life and job are both endangered, and he struggles with his own emotional journey.

Adaptation: Scrublands has been optioned for television. Source: Books and Publishing Update April 2020: No news yet about when/if this will go ahead.

Reviews: “a rural crime novel with remarkable breadth and depth” Full review: Sydney Morning Herald

“The setting of SCRUBLANDS is almost another character as the climate of the outback lends its own threat of possible destruction by bushfire at any time.” Full review: Australian Crime Fiction

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