Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

1. Various covers: Publisher Random House 2017  2. First lines 3. Refugee camp

I liked this book.

A sad but optimistic look at the global plight of refugees.

Plot summary: An unnamed city full of refugees sometime in the future, where militants and government forces are at war. This is the setting for the story of Saeed and Nadia, who flee their country through a door to a life in a different country.

Quotes from the book: “… shame, for the displaced, was a common feeling, and there was, therefore, no particular shame in being ashamed.” p.184

We are all migrants through time.” p. 220

All over the world people were slipping away from where they had been (…) and slipping away from other people too …” p. 221

  • Reviews:
    • “has all the features of an epic except for length itself.” Full review: Sydney Morning Herald
    • “richly imaginative tale of love and loss in the ashes of civil war.” Full review: Kirkus

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