The Fox by Frederick Forsyth

1. First lines  2. Publisher: Penguin (UK)   3. Backlit keyboard Licence CC-BY-SA. by Colin via Wikimedia Commons. All other images copyright-free, no attribution necessary.
I’m sorry Mr Forsyth, but this book did not grip me.

Plot summary:  Luke, a teenage boy with incredible technical skill is recruited by the British government to hack into various computer systems worldwide to steal security keys for the purpose of sabotage – changing the route of a Russian battleship; destroying an LPG gasline; and disrupting the North Korean missile program. The campaign of sabotage continues, but Luke’s safety becomes threatened when enemy spies find his location.

“In that strange danse macabre that is espionage it is common for agents on opposite sides to attend embassy cocktail parties – conversing, beaming, clinking glasses and pretending to be all jolly diplomats together, while behind the mask privately intending to outwit and destroy the opponent.”

“In triumph, modesty. In pain, stoicism. In defeat, grace under fire. But very rarely tears.”

~Quotes from “The Fox” by Frederick Forsyth
Other edition: Penguin Random House
  • “This timely, well-written thriller has it all. Great plot with surprising twists and turns. Intriguing characters. Spellbinding suspense. A fast, tremendously entertaining read.Full review: Washington Post
  • “… one of the most tedious books I have ever read” “The same thing keeps happening over and over again and the writing is completely devoid of tension.” “The world was a safer place. Though not for readers.”Full review: The Guardian

Read an extract here.    Author’s website

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