The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

1. First lines. 2. Publisher: Hachette
I really liked this book.
Not a difficult plot to follow, but intriguing and original.

Alicia is found standing over her dead husband with a gun in her hand. From then on, she refuses to speak, and is taken to The Grove, a mental health facility, where Theo, a psychotherapist, intends to succeed in prompting her to speak.

” I love Gabriel so much. He is without doubt the love of my life. I love him so totally, completely, sometimes it threatens to overwhelm me. Sometimes I think – No. I won’t write about that.”

“I’ve started hiding this diary. There’s a loose floorboard in the spare bedroom. I’m keeping it out of sight in the space underneath the floorboards.”

Quotes from the book.
  • Kirkus: “Amateurish, with a twist savvy readers will see coming from a mile away.”
  • Publishers Weekly: ‘This edgy, intricately plotted psychological thriller establishes Michaelides as a major player in the field.’
Other edition: Macmillan US

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