2028 by Ken Saunders

1. First lines. 2. Publisher: Allen and Unwin
I really liked this book.
… and Australia has gone to Hell in a handbasket/ up shit creek/ gone pear-shaped/ the wheels fell off. This book is very funny.

The year is 2028, and the Liberal Party in Australia is going to the polls for what they think is an easy win. However, things go pear-shaped when an unexpected opposition makes things very difficult.

“The Automated General Practitioners, or Dr Ottos as they came to be called, could be accessed by any Medicare holder from anywhere in the country at any time of day.  

“Let me introduce to you … ‘Play as You Go’ taxation!” It was unlike any tax reform ever proposed. There was no change to tax rates or deductions whatsoever. Instead for every one hundred dollars paid in income tax, a taxpayer received one Tax Lotto ticket. Each week the Tax Office would draw one ticket to win a million dollars. The more income tax you paid, the better the chances of winning.”

Quotes from the book.
  • Queensland Reviewers Collective: “Ken Saunders is a master of satire. The book is a pleasurable read while, at the same time, creating a chill down the reader’s spine at what might be in store for Australia in ten years’ time.”
  • Glam Adelaide: “Satire requires a very particular sense of humour, one where the reader is aware of current issues and able to take them to their most ridiculous level. It’s clever, observant, generally amusing, but not often laugh-out-loud funny.”
  • Green Left Weekly: “The book’s cover features rave reviews from some of Australia’s leading comics praising it. Compared to those extravagant claims, I found it rather tame. It is gently humorous and politically, saccharine-liberal. 2028 is a light read, good enough to while away the time if you are on holiday with a few laughs.”

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