No Way by S. J. Morden

1. First lines 2. Publisher: Hachette 3. Astronauts in Mars Dust Storms. Painting by Paul DiMare. [Public Domain] NASA This artist’s concept depicts a possible scene of astronauts walking on Mars during a dust storm. The artwork was part of a NASA new initiatives study that surveyed possible future human planetary expeditions.
I liked this book.
It’s Frank against all odds.

Set in 2048, “No Way” is the second book (after “One Way” in the Frank Kittridge series), and follows directly from the previous story, in which Frank was in a team that was building a base on Mars for a company called XO. Everything is not as it seems though, and Frank has to rely on his strength, resilience and wits to stay alive in a place where one tiny error means death. It doesn’t help that it’s not only the Mars environment that’s out to get him.

“The inside of the hab was pumped up with pressurized Mars air, so that it was somewhere that sparks could be made without risking instant immoliation. People could work in there, with just scuba gear, and use their ungloved hands.”

[Internal memo: Mars Base One Mission Control to Bruno Tiller 12/8/2048] We have a problem.”

Quotes from the book.
  • SFBook: “It’s a book that you just can’t put down and the pace is relentless – every new chapter fully engaging the reader and offering some new problem for Frank to figure out. It also does what a sequel should, continuing the story and going in new directions without repeating what’s happened before. A great read … “

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