Clade by James Bradley

1. First lines 2. Publisher: Penguin 3. Climate Change. By Geralt. Licence: [Free for commercial use. No attribution required] via Pixabay 4. Bird on branch. By Bob Williams. Licence: [Public Domain] via Public Domain Pictures 5. Antarctic ice melt. By Michael Studinger via NASA 6. Definition of clade, from Cambridge Dictionary.
I really liked this book.
Climate change is real.

This is the story of Adam and Ellie Leith, and their descendants in a near-future world where climate change has reached catastrophic proportions.

“It never fails to surprise her how easily and irrevocably the present replaces the past, how what had seemed immovable, permanent, simply fades and vanishes.”

”Yet what of the future? What will be here eons from now? The ice is almost gone, but while it may take millions of years, there is little doubt that one day it will return, creeping back to cover the land and the world will change once more, the turmoil and destruction of the past century being little more than a spasm, an interregnum in the great cycles of the world’s existence.”

~Quotes from the book.
  • The Guardian: “A convincing family drama merges with our heedless despoiling of the planet in this futuristic novel of climate breakdown.”
  • Readings: “Clade is carefully constructed and beautifully written.”

Awards: 2016 Shortlist New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award Nominee for Christina Stead Prize for Fiction; 2016 Shortlist Western Australian Premier’s Book Award for Fiction; 2016 Shortlist Victorian Premier’s Award for Fiction; 2015 Finalist Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

Author website: James Bradley

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