The Chain by Adrian McGinty

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I really liked this book.
Don’t break The Chain.

The Chain is a simple concept. An unknown caller tells you that your child has been kidnapped. To free your child you must first pay a ransom, then kidnap another child and contact the parents to pass on the same message. They must pay a ransom to the unknown caller, and kidnap another child. When that is done, your child will be released. And so on, and so on. It has worked since 2013, making the originators very rich. Rachael has received the call about her daughter Kylie, and she does everything possible to try to complete her part of The Chain.

“Number one: you are not the first and you will certainly not be the last. Number two: remember, it’s not about the money-it’s about the chain”

“You never know how strong you are until someone upsets or threatens your kids but just how far would you go to ……… “

“You have to remain calm and you have to listen carefully to everything I say. You must write down all the rules and you cannot deviate from them. If you break the rules or call the police, you will be blamed and I will be blamed. Your daughter will be killed and my son will be killed.”

  • USA Today: “The Chain” is that rare thriller that ends up being highly personal. Yes, there’s a shadowy force dictating the action, but when it all comes down to its (necessarily) explosive conclusion, the actions of characters are boiled down to familial ethics, understandable motivations, and good old-fashioned revenge, which makes for a satisfying and deeply rewarding read, no matter the season.”
  • The Guardian: “This is genuinely unputdownable, as Rachel follows “the thread into the heart of the labyrinth”. McKinty’s brilliance lies in exploring just how far a parent will go to rescue their child. These are people committing dreadful crimes – crimes they are horrified by – but they carry them out nonetheless. Terribly plausible.”
  • Kirkus: “An unmissable thriller.”
  • Sydney Morning Herald: The Chain is one of those books that grips you from the off and keeps you in its compelling grasp until, almost breathless, you emerge at the other end.”

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Author website: Adrian McGinty

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