Pursuit by Joyce Carol Oates

1. First lines. 2. Published 2019 Grove Atlantic 3. Eyes Eye Emotion by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay [Free for commercial use; No attribution required] 4. Creep fog forest by Björn Buschdorf from Pexels [Free download]
A gripping and shocking story.

Abby is newly married to Willem. On the day after her wedding, she is taken to hospital with severe injuries after walking in front of a bus. Her childhood nightmares have returned, and as she recovers in hospital, she begins to explain to Willem the source of the nightmares, a secret she has kept from him.

“Did you think you could forget us? Did you think we would forget you?”

“Did you think you could escape us?”

“In a combat zone, he said, if there was an attack, when you didn’t know if you’d be alive in five minutes, the barrier between the present and the future becomes very thin.”

“Here is the mistake: to have given into happiness. She will be punished now.”

~Quotes from “Pursuit” by Joyce Carol Oates
  • USA Today: “‘Pursuit’ another creepy, suspenseful thriller from prolific master Joyce Carol Oates”. The short, spare “Pursuit” succeeds on the level of its ambition: creepy, violent and occasionally affecting.
  • Kirkus: “A young woman is haunted by a past she doesn’t understand in this brief but powerful story of domestic violence.”

Also published by Head of Zeus


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