The Other Mrs Miller by Allison Dickson

First lines. 2. Published 2019 Little, Brown and Penguin Random House 3. Grid Street-Low Density By Fgrammen – Own work [CC0] via wikimedia
Phoebe, rich and with a husband she doesn’t like. Vicki, poor and with husband she doesn’t like. And a stalker. And a love-struck 18-year old. One of them is murdered. They all have a motive.

Phoebe Miller lives a reclusive life in a quiet neighbourhood near Chicago. Her marriage to Wyatt is failing and she is trying to hide from the media interest in the scandalous life of her recently deceased (very rich) father. A car is seen regularly in her street with an occupant that seems to be watching her, and new neighbour Vicki befriends Phoebe. There is a murder, and the characters are suspect.

“Having him around perks her up like a triple espresso.”

“Before going outside, she peeks out the window to see if the blue car has reappeared. The street is still deserted. “Please just stay gone, whoever you are,” she mutters.

~Quotes from “The Other Mrs Miller” by Allison Dickson.
  • Kirkus: Adept at crafting unlikable characters who make despicable decisions, Dickson also manages to make us care about these potential villains, because they, too, have been wronged. So when someone ends up murdered, fingers point in multiple directions, and every suspect has reason to chill our bones or break our hearts. A Hitchcock-ian thriller from a new voice worth noting.
  • Publishers Weekly: “cleverly plotted if progressively more implausible domestic suspense”

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