After the Flood by Kassandra Montag

1. First lines. 2. Published 2019 Harper Collins Australia paperback/ audio/ ebook 3. Ocean by apasciuto. [CC BY 2.0] via flickr 4. Silhouette of woman with baby during sunset photo free download [License CC0] via pikrepo 5. Seagulls in silhouette by OpenClipart [Public Domain] via freesvg

In the future, Myra and her young daughter Pearl are living on a small boat catching fish to survive, after a catastrophic flood has engulfed the world. Myra’s husband had kidnapped their older daughter Row eight years before, and left to find a new place to live. Myra and Pearl learn of a place where Row might be living, and they make the journey to find her.

“Children think we make them, but we don’t. They exist somewhere else, before us, before time. They come into the world and make us. They make us by breaking us first.”

”Normally I couldn’t get far enough away from people who had lost someone. It was like remembering a nightmare when you wanted to forget it.”

”A year ago, Pearl and I had landed in a small village tucked in the northern Rockies. The storefronts were broken down, the roads dusty and littered with trash. It was one of the more crowded villages I’d been to. People hurried up and down the main road, which was filled with stalls and merchants. We passed one stall heavy-laden with scavenged goods that had been carried up the mountain before the flood. Milk cartons filled with gasoline and kerosene, jewellery to be melted and made into something else, a wheelbarrow, canned food, fishing poles, and bins of clothing.”

~Quotes from “After the Flood” by Kassandra Montag
  • Kirkus Review: “Debut novelist Montag manages to marry page-turning drama and emotional depth, vividly imagining a world where society rebuilds itself from scratch and history repeats”
  • Better Reading: “This book is an epic read. It’s completely action-packed, the scenes play out so vividly in your imagination, it could easily be a film. There are scenes that will stay with you, haunting your mind, for days afterward. The characters, while being set in a wildly different time and place, are still so wonderfully human. You understand their motives, even when you don’t agree with them. Be prepared to go on an exhilarating journey with Myra, Pearl and the people they meet along the way. This is the type of journey where you don’t have the reassurance of a happily-ever-after. But you do know it will be both redemptive and astonishing.”

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Author website: Kassandra Montag

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