The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle

1. First lines. 2. Published 2016 by Viking an imprint of Penguin Books UK and Harper Collins New York. 3. Man wearing gray hat. [Public Domain] Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels 4. Man. [CC0] Photo via pxfuel.

Roy and Betty meet on an online dating site, and they eventually move in together. Roy is planning to con Betty out of her life savings. The story moves back and forth between 1998; 1973; 1946; and 1938, and from the UK to Germany, to reveal Roy’s background, and why Betty seems oblivious to the con.

“We die of old age from the inside out, rotting gradually as we get older.”

Quick inspection. Immaculate white shirt: yes. Creases of grey flannels: perfect. Spit-shined shoes: gleaming. Regimental stripe tie: well knotted. Hair: combed neatly. Blue blazer off hanger, and on. Fits like a glove. Glance in the mirror: he’d pass for seventy, sixty at a pinch.

~Quotes from “The Good Liar” by Nicholas Searle
  • The Guardian: “- a thriller that will trip you up. An ageing conman is not who he seems in this fantastically assured debut“
  • The Independent: “The Good Liar is no straightforward thriller. Instead it’s something of a hybrid of genres – character study meets mystery meets historical fiction – a wily tale of a much larger, more traumatic and multifaceted deception than initially anticipated.”

Movie adaptation The Good Liar, starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.

Other editions: (from left) 1. Film tie-in paperback published 2019 by Penguin General UK an imprint of Penguin UK; 2. Paperback published 2016 by Penguin General UK an imprint of Penguin UK; 3. Paperback, ebook, audio published 2016 by Harper Collins Publisher USA; 4. Hardcover, ebook, paperback, audio Published 2016 by Penguin UK.

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