The Lost Girls by Jennifer Spence

1. First lines. 2. Published 2019 Simon & Schuster 3. Woman thoughtful pensive By Free-Photos [Public Domain] via Needpix 4. Woman wearing eyeglasses looking down Licence [CC0] via pikrepo
A good read.

Sometime in 2017, Stella suddenly finds that she is now in 1997. Disconcerted, she finds her way to the house where she lived in 1997, and pretends to be her Aunt Linda (who had disappeared in 1950) so that she can stay with Stella (her 1997 self) and her husband and children. The 2017 Stella wants to take this opportunity to prevent the tragedy that befell their family in the intervening years.

“I believe in science and logic. I don’t believe in magic, religion or any other kind of mumbo-jumbo because it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”

“I am resolved. My days here are numbered, and I know what I have to do before I disappear. If fate doesn’t take me back to my own time when the deed is done I’ll just get a train and go somewhere, far away, and take my chances.”

“An old man is sitting hunched in a chair next to the single bed, his head bowed, this strands of white hair straggling across his speckled scalp. He is skin and bone but his bones seem too big for him, giving the impression that he is coiled up inside the ghost of a larger, more vigorous man. He looks up at his daughter with watery blue eyes.”

~Quotes from “The Lost Girls” by Jennifer Spence.
  • Better Reading:The Lost Girls is an ingenious, gripping and emotionally powerful story, unsettling at times but all the better and more enthralling because of it.”
  • Readings: “The Lost Girls is an immensely intriguing and engaging mystery.”

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