Greenwood by Michael Christie

1. First lines. 2. Published 2020 Penguin Random House Scribe First published 2019 by Penguin Random House Canada 3. Chainsaw By WFranz [Free for commercial use No attribution required] Changes: Background removed. via pixabay 4. Coast Douglas Fir By Walter Siegmund [CC BY 2.5] Changes: cropped; screen overlay. 5. Monochrome-girl. License to use Creative Commons Zero – CC0 via pxfuel
Like the trees, this story is magnificent.

A family saga stretching from 1908 to 2038, this is the story of four generations of the Greenwood family of British Colombia. Starting in 2038, Jacinda Greenwood is a guide at Greenwood Island, one of the last stands of forest, after an environmental catastrophe named as The Great Withering. Others in the family are Harris Greenwood, founder of a logging company; Willow Greenwood, “tree-hugger”; Liam Greenwood, carpenter; and Everett Greenwood, veteran of World War 1.

“Take heart, she seems to say. The world has been on the brink of ending before. The dust has always been waiting to swallow us. People have always struggled and suffered. Your poverty is not shameful. It is not a failure of your character. Life, by its very nature, is precarious. And your struggles are never for nothing.”

“How intimately a book is related to the tree and it’s rings, she thinks. The layers of time, preserved, for all to examine.”

~Quotes from “Greenwood” by Michael Christie
  • Publishers Weekly: “This superb family saga will satisfy fans of Richard Powers’s The Overstory while offering a convincing vision of potential ecological destruction.”
  • Kirkus: “Beguilingly structured, elegantly written: eco-apocalyptic but with hope that somehow we’ll make it.”

Other editions.

Awards: 2019 Long-listed Scotiabank Giller Prize

Author website: Michael Christie

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