Good Girl, Bad Girl (Cyrus Haven #1) by Michael Robotham

1. First lines. 2. Published 2019 Thorndike Press; Simon & Schuster; Hachette 3. Young woman image [Public Domain] via Needpix 4. Figure skating image [Public Domain] via Pickpik
Interesting characters make this a good read.

Cyrus Haven (with a tragic past of his own) is a forensic psychologist working on the cases of two young girls. One is Evie who is in a secure children’s home, being assessed for release after six years. The other girl is Jodie, an ice-skating champion whose body is found hidden in bushland. Cyrus’s skills and emotions are tested as he helps the police in their investigations.

“As a forensic psychologist, I have met killers and psychopaths and sociopaths, but I refuse to define people as being good or evil.”

He’ll be following the police investigation closely, frightened and appalled, but also fascinated, which means he could return to the scene as an onlooker, or bystander. Look for his face in the crowd. He’s somewhere close by. Watching.

~Quotes from “Good Girl, Bad Girl” by Michael Robotham
  • Kirkus: “Robotham is a master plotter at the top of his form, and readers will surely hope to see more of his complicated new characters.”
  • Publishers Weekly: “Robotham expertly raises the tension as the action hurtles toward the devastating climax. Readers will hope the complex Cyrus will return for an encore.”

Other editions.

Author: Michael Robotham

Awards: 2020 Shortlist ABIA General Fiction Book of the Year; 2020 Nomination Edgar Award for Best Novel

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