The Silence by Susan Allott

1. First lines. 2. Published 2020 Harper Collins 3.Pinup-blackandwhite-retro (colourized and cropped) [Public Domain] Image by Juergen_G from Pixabay 4. Woman crying [Public Domain] Image by Kris Kurn from Pixabay

Isla, living in England, receives a call from her father in Australia. He tells her that he is a suspect in the disappearance of Mandy, their neighbour in Sydney, thirty years previously. Isla returns home, and discovers family secrets and the circumstances surrounding the mystery of Mandy’s disappearance.


“Isla jumped from Mandy’s back door into the yard, clearing the gap between the paving stones. She was glad she was going home. Steve’s truck was dirty again because he was a policeman and he had a dirty job. He had told Isla this. A dirty rotten job but some buggers’ gotta do it. It got him cranky like Isla had never seen.”

“He crossed the grass and fell into the house, sat down at the kitchen table, beside the stale toast and the coffee and the note. Pink rose petals were pressed into the soles of his shoes; he’d trodden them through the house. Louisa’s beloved roses. He pulled a shoe off and threw it with all his strength across the room.”

My thoughts:

A straightforward mystery that, for me, didn’t really get off the ground.

Book reviews :
  • Publishers Weekly: “Allot does a good job building tension, but what happened to Mandy will surprise few readers. This one’s for mystery fans who prefer in-depth character studies to action-driven plots.”

Susan Allott

Other editions:
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