Other People’s Houses by Kelli Hawkins

Published 2021 1. First lines. 2. Cover Harper Collins 3. Silhouette [Public Domain] via Open Clipart 4. Open house. [Public Domain] via Pxhere

Kate, grieving the loss of her son, habitually visits open houses in Sydney’s North Shore to imagine the happy families living there. She finds a house that she thinks is perfect and obsessively stalks the family. When she discovers that the family is not perfect, she feels compelled to save them.

“The Harding house was perfect.’

Glanceabook: “I enjoyed reading this book, the plot being interesting enough to keep me turning the pages. The writing invoked suspense and tension but I felt that the characters were somewhat stereotypical.”

  • Books and Publishing: “At times sad and moving, the plot, which also deals with issues of domestic violence, miscarriage and dysfunctional relationships, takes a while to pick up the pace, but when it does, the twists come fast.”
  • Queensland Reviewers Collective: “Kelli Hawkins has written a psychological drama of some power. It is well worth reading.”


“My pulse quickened as I walked through the front door.”

“Sometimes the houses told me a lot; other times there wasn’t much of their personality left. But I always took a memento. Some were good; some bad.”.

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