The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland

Published: 2018 1. First lines. 2. Cover: Harper Collins 3. Fire [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia 4. Girl at desk [Public Domain] via Pxhere 5. Firewheel tree [CC BY 2.0] Image by Tatters via Flickr (Filters applied to original)

This is the story of Alice Hart, child of an abusive father. After a family tragedy, Alice is taken in by a grandmother she has never met, and lives with her on a flower farm. After she discovers a secret that she does not want to forgive, she journeys into the desert, to start a new life. However, she cannot hide from her former life forever.

“Each flower is a secret language.”

BOOK SNAPS: “The descriptive writing is beautiful but the melodramatics of the main character made for too much misery for this reader. Nevertheless, this is a best-seller, and it is being adapted for television. “

  • Sydney Morning Herald: “The first half of The Lost Flowers is delicate and dark as a fairytale, with violent details that stick to you like burrs. But it is in the second half, with Alice out in the real world, where Ringland really gets into gear, and her talent is undeniable.”
  • Better Reading: “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart arrived with a huge build-up. It is the Australian debut novel everyone has been talking about. ‘International publishing sensation, sold to seventeen territories’ shouts the proud publishers. And there’s the great endorsements from revered authors and the rave reviews. The bar couldn’t be raised any higher. But does it meet expectations? Yes, yes and YES, it does.”


“Trust yourself. Trust your story. All you can do is tell it true.”

“Alice came upon treasure after treasure: everlasting daisies in pastel pinks and yellows, trails of grey and white feathers, boughs heavy with blossom buds on the gum trees. She breathed in the warm earth and appreciated the sky, a blend of soldier-crab blue and every shade of purple in a pipi shell. The desert’s an old dream of the sea.


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