The Golden Rule by Amanda Craig

Published: 2020 1. First lines. 2. Cover: Hachette 3. Profile Image by Tom Marvel [Public Domain] via Pxhere 4. Crashing waves [Public Domain] by Jon Sullivan via Pixno

Hannah is a single mother struggling with no support from an abusive ex-husband. On the train to Cornwall, she meets Jinni who is also a disgruntled wife. They agree that the only way out is to kill each others’ husbands. Hannah discovers that all is not as it seems when she arrives at the house of Jinni’s husband, and is unable to carry out her part of the bargain.

“There’s only one rule in life worth keeping, and that’s: Do as you would be done by.”

BOOK SNAPS: Overall, I enjoyed the book, but I found it hard to believe in any of the characters, and I think the political commentary is a distraction from the main plot.

  • Guardian: “Two strangers on a train make a deadly pact in a witty state-of-the-nation novel combining romance and social realism.”
  • The Spectator: “Best of all, Craig has the knack of creating interesting characters and of making one care about what lies in store for them. If you can do that, nothing else really matters.”


“This room was as promised, clean and tidy, its walls papered with an old William Morris pattern of twining green seaweed and pale blue flowers that was both graceful and sinister. On the walls were botanical prints, mounted and framed, and to one side a full-length oil portrait of a dark-haired young woman wearing long evening gloves that matched her sleeveless yellow dress. She, at least, had a friendly smile.”

“Her last thought, as she climbed under the sheets, was relief that she had not murdered a man.”

Author: Amanda Craig

Awards: Women’s Prize for Fiction Nominee for Longlist (2021)


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