Recap: October 2021 Reads

Books read in October 2021:

New releases recommended in the media:

Love Objects by Emily Maguire Published 2021 Allen & Unwin

Songbirds by Christie Lefteri Published 2021 Bonnier Books

Book award nominees:

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. Published: 2021 Simon & Schuster

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead Published: 2021 Penguin

Others:- a book that caught my eye at the Library, OR a favourite genre, OR recommendations from friends, OR a book from You’ll Love This One, my Good Reads Book Group OR a book from Redlands Reads, my Real Life Book Club.

The Orchardist’s Daughter by Karen Viggers Published 2019 Allen & Unwin

The Radetzky March (Von Trotta Family #1) by Joseph Roth translated by Michael Hofmann Allen and Unwin. First published: 1932

Dead Lions (Slough #2) by Mick Herron. Published 2013

All Human Wisdom (Les Enfants du désastre #2) by Pierre Lemaitre. Translated by Frank Wynne Published 2021 MacLehose Press First published in French as “Couleurs de l’incendie” 2018

The Turnout by Megan Abbott Published: 2021 Hachette

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