A Winter War (Sarmatian Trilogy #1) by Tim Leach

Published: 2021 1. First lines. 2. Cover: Harper Collins 3. Icy river [Public Domain] via pxhere 4. A depiction of Sarmatian cataphracts fleeing from Roman cavalry. Attributed to Apollodorus of Damascus [Public Domain] via Wikimedia.

The year is AD173. The clans of Sarmartia are fighting the Roman army on the frozen Danube. After the Romans have annihilated his people, Kai of the Sarmartians is left alone on the battlefield. He journeys back to his village, and there begins to plan a strategy to overcome the Romans.

BOOK SNAPS: This is a very readable story, with plenty of action. The author’s imagining of the times in which this story is set is realistic.

“Iron and gold! Iron and gold!”


“They are the finest heavy horse in the world. The only cavalry who can break a Legion. They can make Rome more powerful than ever before.”

“They moved slowly, carefully, but from time to time a horse or rider still plunged deep into the mud, others gathering to wrestle them free. Their armor was tattered, their weapons hacked and broken, limbs thick-caked in mud and washed with stagnant water. The defeat was written upon their bodies, but they stood tall as they walked, trading songs as they picked their way through bog and tussock.”

Author: Tim Leach

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