The Joy and Light Bus Company (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #22) by Alexander McCall Smith

Published: 2021. 1. First lines. 2. Cover: Hachette; Penguin Random House 3. Woman [Public Domain] via Pixabay 4. Woman [Public Domain] via Piqsels 5. Background fabric [Public Domain] via Snappy Goat

Mme Ramotswe runs the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana. Her husband is acting strangely, and she has a new client who is worried that his elderly father has been coerced into changing his will to benefit his carer. As always, she and her associate Grace Makutsi, reach a positive outcome.

BOOK SNAPS: Publishers Weekly has this to say ”As ever, Smith’s mix of solving minor crimes and kindhearted philosophical ruminations enchants.” I couldn’t agree more with both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus: ”Comfort-food reading, and never more welcome.

“When there were things that you could not change, then there was a strong case for accepting things as they were and working from there.”


They talked about the sorts of things they liked to talk about when there were no important decisions to be made and when the conversation could wander comfortably along uncluttered shores.” 
“There is no need to be unkind to people who are unhappy inside themselves. There is room for everyone. Everyone should be able to find somewhere on this earth to sit down.”

Author: Alexander McCall-Smith


The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is a television comedy-drama series, produced by the BBC in conjunction with HBO.

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