The Awakenings by Sarah Maine

Published: 2022 1. First lines 2. Cover: Hachette 3. Victorian frame [Public Domain] via Pxhere 4. Victorian woman [Public Domain] via Pxhere

Olwen, a young woman living in Yorkshire in 1890, is forced to live with her Uncle, a local vicar, after the death of her father and brothers. Her Aunt treats her cruelly, and her eldest son seeks her betrothal to gain access to her heritage. Olwen begins having dreams and visions of a time past – about 650 AD – where she identifies with another young woman who is daughter to a king. Local doctor, John Osbourne is intrigued with her visions, and seeks to help her, but he too becomes entranced.

“Was she dreaming now, he wondered.”

From the beginning, this novel hooked me. Fusing the two timelines is skillfully managed, and the dramatics suit this Daphne Du Maurier-style novel.


“A sense of peace descended and John sat on the unbroken wooden chair staring into the flames, soothed by the crackle of burning wood while outside in the silent forest, the light continued to fall.”

“They thought her dead. And perhaps for a moment she was.”

Author: Sarah Maine

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