Elektra by Jennifer Saint

Published: 2022 1. First lines 2. Cover: Hachette 3. Clytemnestra [Public Domain] via Wikipedia 4. Electra [Public Domain] via Wikipedia 5. Cassandra [Public Domain] via Wikipedia

Set in Ancient Greece, this is a feminist retelling of Greek mythology against the background of the Trojan War, told by three women: Elektra, Clytemnestra and Cassandra. Elektra is the daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon (from House of Atreus, cursed with a generational cycle of vengeance and violence. Cassandra, the daughter of the Queen of Troy, was abducted by Agamemnon after the fall of Troy, and killed by Clytemnestra.

“The House of Atreus carried a curse.”

From the first page, the reader is immediately transported into the world of Greek mythology with well-crafted dialogue and descriptive writing. This is a turbulent and harrowing story of “Royals, revenge, curses, and prophecies done right”, says Kirkus. Publishers Weekly notes the author’s skill in portraying the seething and mental anguish of the women: “Saint enriches the tense story with psychological depth, showing, for instance, how Elektra simmers with resentment of her mother and Aegisthus for their betrayal of Agamemnon.”


“He is angry because it is in his bones to be angry. He sees himself slighted again; his authority disrespected. He does not care if his men die, only that they admire him. He hates the way their eyes cut away from him, the sullen curls of their mouths; the way they shrink from me and my madness instead of envying him his captive.”

“A girl can’t choose a husband! And she can’t marry a farmer! Have the gods driven the wits clean out of your mind?”

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