Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Published: 2022 1. First lines 2. Cover: Penguin 3. Test tube [Public Domain] via Freesvg 4. Carving [CC BY 2.0] Image has been cropped. via Flickr 5. Food [Public Domain] via Rawpixels

Elizabeth Zott is a scientist working in a research laboratory where she experiences discrimination within the all-male team. Here she meets her soulmate, Calvin Evans, and they fall in love. Several years later, she is a single mother of Madeline and believing her life is over, she takes a job as a presenter on a cooking show. Her approach does not fit the traditional role of women, and taking a scientific perspective on the television show, she teaches women not only cooking, but also chemistry, and how to stand up for themselves.

Cooking is chemistry … and chemistry is life.

This book is enjoyable on so many levels – an original plot, fascinating characters, whip-smart dialogue, and a feel-good finish. The Guardian calls it “a polished, funny, thought-provoking story, wearing its research lightly but confidently, and with sentences so stylishly turned it’s hard to believe it’s a debut”. Kirkus praised it as an “adorable plea for rationalism and gender equality”, and iNews complimented its “snappy dialogue and the quirky characters”.


“Children, set the table. Your mother needs a moment to herself.”

“Life’s a mystery isn’t it? People who try to plan it inevitably end up disappointed.”

Author: Bonnie Garmus

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