Enjoying an Australian winter? Read some books set in much colder places.

Enjoying the Australian winter? Somewhere in the world it is much colder – Greenland, Norway, Antarctica, Iceland – to name a few! Curl up with a book set in a cold place.
  • The Colony of Good Hope by Kim Leine
    • Published 2022 Pan Macmillan (Originally published in Danish in 2018)
    • Genre: Historical Fiction.
    • Setting: 1728 – 19th Century Greenland.
    • More
  • The Ice Maiden by Sara Sheridan
    • Published 2018 Severn House
    • Genre: Historical Fiction
    • Setting: 1842 – mid 20th Century Antarctica.
    • More
  • Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson
    • Published: 2022 Penguin
    • Genre: Mystery/ thriller
    • Setting: Present day Snowy Mountains, Australia
    • More
  • Cold Coast by Robyn Mundy
  • Metronome by Tom Watson
    • Published: 2022 Bloomsbury
    • Genre: Dystopian Fiction
    • Setting: A remote island in a future world affected by climate change.
    • More
  • A Winter War (Sarmatian Trilogy #1) by Tim Leach
    • Published: 2021 Harper Collins
    • Genre: Historical fiction
    • Setting: 173 A.D. Middle Europe on the Danube
    • More
  • The Sorrow Stone by Kari Gislason

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