Words from the Past by Shirley Chambers

Produced by Word Fest Toowoomba, “Words from the Past” is a chronicle of the works of writers from the past, whose lives are connected to the Darling Downs, an area of Queensland that is known by Indigenous people as Giabal and Jarowair Country. This book focuses on the writers’ personal connections with the Darling Downs, and their literary achievements and what importance is placed on their works. In this way, “Words from the Past” portrays the literary landscape of the Darling Downs region.

What people are saying about this book: “This is a wonderful chronicle of the literary history of the Darling Downs. Great to dip in and out of the landscape of writers over time.” “It’s a wonderful book – light reading and full of information that is close to home.”

This book is available to buy online from Word Fest Toowoomba Bookstore – a festival for writers, readers, and word lovers. Word Fest Toowoomba is a fresh and adventurous festival platform for the local region and the broader Queensland communities to discover the talents of our Toowoomba writing community, its literary heritage and its vibrant contemporary scene. It is a recognition of the breadth and depth of creative arts writers, readers and word lovers in Toowoomba.

Sample pages from “Words from the Past” by Shirley Chambers

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