Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild

Published: 2022 1. First lines: 2. Cover: Hachette 3. Bubbles [Public Domain] via Stockvault 4. Pink feathers [Public Domain] via Public Domain Pictures

Ruby Simon is a therapist living in Miami. She has been involved in at least three murders and perhaps a fourth, and Detective Keith Jackson is convinced she is guilty, and goes to great lengths to prove it.

“I waited for guilt to set in. But it never did.”

For me, this book was unputdownable. Kirkus calls it “A compelling and entertaining psychological thriller”. Definitely entertaining and the author is also able to paint a sympathetic picture of a murderer. Publishers Weekly comments that “Rothchild does a terrific job keeping readers wondering about Simon’s reliability, and pulls off the considerable challenge of engendering sympathy for an unrepentant killer.”


“Evil people are often very intelligent. It’s how they thrive and survive in society undetected.”

“To be clear, I’m not a sociopath.”

“”I knew these four people had at least two things in common. One, they were all dead. And two, they all died within arm’s reach of me.”


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