Death at the Belvedere (Cass Tuplin #4) by Sue Williams

Published 2022. 1. First lines 2. Cover: Text Publishing 3. Woman’s face [Public Domain] via pxhere 4. Shops [Public Domain] via Wikimedia

Cass Tuplin is the proprietor of a takeaway shop in fictional Rusty Bore in regional New South Wales. She is also an amateur sleuth, and when her sister Helen arrives asking for help after her boyfriend dies falling from the roof of his apartment building in Melbourne, Cass agrees to help. Unfortunately, Helen has been seen on CTV footage at the scene. It’s up to Cass to investigate secretly – her son, who happens to be a police officer, does not approve of her secret-sleuthing.

“It won’t be as bad as you think.”

Better Reading “This novel really epitomises what is so popular about the cosy mystery genre; equal parts intriguing and gripping, with a solid dose of humour added to the mix.” Whilst I did enjoy some aspects of this story, for example, the way the setting is portrayed, I found that the wackiness of the characters was overdone.


“If you’re looking to fill in a day and don’t mind a pre-dawn start followed by six hours in a connecting bus and train, chugging through a landscape offering extensive views of wheat paddocks, silos and countless flashing-by telephone poles, you might consider using the public transport system that operates from Rusty Bore to Melbourne. Then again, you might not.

Author: Sue Williams

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