Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher

Published: 2022. 1. First lines. 2. Cover: Penguin 3. Camera [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr Original image cropped and a filter applied.

Stevie is a young wedding photographer specializing in bush weddings. She bemoans the fact that she is single whilst all her friends are getting married, and as she sinks further into despair, her life becomes derailed.

“What am I doing with my life? I dreamed of big love and telling big stories; the best I’ll do today is a big sandwich.”

To be honest, this book, being a romantic comedy, is not one I would normally read, but it is a very enjoyable read, and well-written. Mama Mia notes: “The tongue-and-cheek humour perfectly embodies the wholesome nature of our regional communities which contributes something fresh and unique to the traditional romantic comedy.”


“Ten years back, Stevie had imagined herself as a professional success by thirty-one – published author, perhaps, or award-winning filmmaker – with a serious haircut and, let’s face it, a husband. “

“… she’d seen how many times how a wedding could wake up a town, bring it to life. People prepared for months to get their lawns green and gardens perfect. Everyone pulled together, stocking the caterers with local meat, donating the best blooms from their gardens to decorate the tables, assembling teams of local teens to serve drinks and help with food.”

Author: Clare Fletcher

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