Historical Novel Society of Australasia Prize

The Historical Novel Prize is open to all authors who are citizens or residents of Australia or New Zealand. The history explored can be from any era or society across the world with the majority of the narrative taking place at least 50 years before publication.

This is what I’ve read from the 2022 Longlist:

  • Horse by Geraldine Brooks. Published 2022: Hachette Author: Geraldine Brooks The horse is Lexington, a champion racehorse from the pre-Civil War days. Lexington’s groom throughout his life was a young slave called Jarrett who developed a strong emotional attachment to the horse.
  • Corporal Hitler’s Pistol by Tom Keneally. Published 2021 Penguin. A book by Thomas Keneally rarely disappoints and this one is no exception. This one brings Kempsey 1930s vividly to life.
  • Cold Coast by Robyn Mundy. Published: 2021 Ultimo Press Set in the Arctic winter of 1923, this is the story of the first female trapper, Wanny Woldstad, at Svalbard, Norway. The story also follows the life of a blue fox as it hunts throughout the area, crossing paths with Wanny and her trapping partner.

Check out what BOOK SNAPS has read from previous years’ lists here.

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