The Mitford Murders (The Mitford Murders #1) by Jessica Fellowes

Published: 2017 Little, Brown Book Group Genre: Historical Mystery

Louisa Cannon, desperate for a job to escape her abusive uncle, takes a job as Nanny to the Mitford family. She and Nancy Mitford become friends and together, they set out to solve the murder of Florence Nightingale Shore (Florence Nightingale’s goddaughter).

“That was the last time anyone saw Florence Nightingale Shore again.”

From CrimeReview UK: “The Mitford Murders is sparkling, frothy, clever, historically sound and believable.” I didn’t find it as pleasing as this, but in the genre of “cozy mystery” it is quite enjoyable and well written. As Kirkus notes: “The solution to the puzzle feels a bit implausible, but the heroine is appealingly plucky, and the reader sinks into the rich period detail as pleasantly as into an overstuffed sofa.


“June in the Cotswolds continued to astonish her with its unfolding beauty. After the exploding colours and scents of May, intoxicating with its blossom and the constant singing of birds, June’s long, still days, with bees diving into the bowed heads of the heavy roses, made her feel as if she could lie down in the grass and disappear like Alice into Wonderland.”

Author: Jessica Fellowes

Picture credits: Train: Picryl Interior train: Pxhere

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