Stay Awake by Megan Goldin

Published: 2022 Penguin Mystery/Thriller

Liv Reese is a writer for an upmarket New York magazine, and as the story begins, she is waking up in a taxi at night, a blood-stained knife in her pocket, and messages such as “Stay awake” and “Don’t sleep” on her hands. What follows is a perplexing and bewildering quest to find out what’s happening, especially when she sees on the news scenes of a murder, where the message “Stay awake” is written in blood on the window.

“My head throbs with confusion.”

This story just does not stop for a breather – it’s a high-speed thriller with plenty of twists and turns. Better Reading: “If you’re looking for a novel to get your heart racing, Megan Goldin’s Stay Awake is the perfect book for you. A superb read right to the gripping, unforgettable end.” Publishers Weekly: “Shocking twists and resourceful, well-drawn female characters keep the pages turning as the clever mystery unfolds.”


“There’s no such thing as being an observer. Doing nothing is doing something. Being passive has consequences.”

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