Exiles (Aaron Falk #3) by Jane Harper

Published: 2022. Pan Macmillan Genre: Crime/ mystery

Kim Gillespie is a young mother in a small town in country South Australia. At the Annual Food and Wine Festival, her baby is found abandoned in her pram, and Kim has disappeared. Her husband, friends, family, and everyone else in the town search endlessly for her. A year later, when federal investigator, Aaron Falk comes to the town for a family event, the secrets held in Kim’s tight group of friends and family start to appear, and Falk is drawn into the mystery of the missing woman.

“The little things you could have done differently, that was the stuff that haunted you.”

Although this is “another masterful rural crime” (Readings) written by a very experienced author, I felt that it didn’t have the grittiness of the crime drama that is present in previous novels. Good Reading Magazine commented that “Its pace is measured; it’s not dark and depressing; and the interaction of the participants holds our interest. I have only one small gripe: there’s unnecessary repetition as each policeman analyses new evidence.”)


“The baby was asleep when she was discovered. She was just short of six weeks old, a good weight for a baby, healthy and well, other than being completely alone.”

Author: Jane Harper

Images: Pram, Pixels Ferris wheel, RawPixel

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