The It Girl by Ruth Ware

Published: 2022 Simon & Schuster Mystery/Thriller

Hannah Jones is a student starting her studies at Oxford University. One night, she returns to her room and finds her roommate, April, dead and apparently murdered. Hannah is the main witness, and her testimony convicts a man who maintains his innocence until his death in jail. Hannah now thinks she may have been wrong.

“Behind each door was a different sound.”

Although this novel is a satisfying and engaging read, it is not a page-turner. Paste Magazine calls it “compulsively readable diversion even if it packs slightly less of a narrative punch than some of its predecessors“. And Kirkus: “this isn’t the breathless page-turner one has come to expect from Ware.”


“You’ve done enough poking around, this is getting stupid. You’re not some kind of pregnant Miss Marple.”

“She had the kind of beauty that hurt your eyes if you looked at her for too long, but made it hard to tear your gaze away. It was, Hannah realized, as if a different kind of light were shining on her than on the rest of the room.”

Author: Ruth Ware

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