Alias Emma by Ava Glass

Published: 2022 Pengiun Random House | Penguin Australia Espionage Thriller

Emma Makepeace is a British intelligence agent who is protecting Michael, the adult son of Russian scientists now living in England, but whilst in their homeland were sending information to the British government. They are now in danger from the Russian military and have been given safe haven by the British govenment. Michael has refused the offer of protection, and it is Emma’s job to take him to his parents’ safe house. The story that follows is a race across London, dodging the Russian military, and perhaps even someone from inside the British agency.

This is a “high-octane, warp-speed thriller“, but to enjoy the ride, you will need to suspend disbelief. (Guardian).

“They were too findable”


“They’d just reached the shadows on the other side when she spotted three quick-moving figures heading towards the park entrance.”

“People want to drive their SUVs to their kids’ private schools and think they’ll save the environment by not using plastic straws.”

Author: Ava Glass

Image source: London street: Wikimedia

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