Miles Franklin Award

The Miles Franklin Award is awarded each year to a novel which is of the highest literary merit and presents Australian life in any of its phases.

BOOK SNAPS reads from previous years’ lists:
2021 Longlist: Song of the Crocodile by Nardi Simpson Hachette
2021 Winner: The Labyrinth by Amanda Lohrey ext Publishing
2020 Longlist
2018 Longlist
2007 Shortlist
2016 Shortlist
2021 Longlist: Stone Sky Gold Mountain by Miranda Riwoe University of Queensland Press.
2021 Longlist: Infinite Splendours by Sofie Laguna Allen and Unwi
2019 Longlist
1998 Shortlist
2015 Winner
2016 Shortlist
2021 Shortlist Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos Pan Macmillan
2021 Longlist: Our Shadows by Gail Jones Text Publishin
2019 Shortlist
2001 Shortlist
2016 Longlist
2018 Longlist