The Lace Weaver by Lauren Chater

First lines. 2. Publisher: Simon and Schuster. 3. Estonian lace shawl by Tanya Hart Licence CC BY-SA via flickr 4. Nature park – snow – Estonia [public domain] via Max Pixel 5. Estonian partisans [public domain] via Wikimedia 6. Josef Stalin [public domain] via Wikimedia
Interesting historical background.

This is the story of Kati and Lydia. It is set in Estonia in World War 2, when the country was occupied first by Russia then Germany. The two women meet each other when Lydia leaves Moscow and travels to Estonia, her mother’s country of birth, to visit her father who is an official in the Russian Occupation. Lydia becomes friends with Kati and her family, and they both find themselves in danger as they try to survive day by day, witnessing cruel acts against their countrymen and women.

“With every stitch we heal ourselves.”

“I saw my wolf again tonight. She appeared at dusk, a shadow among shadows, slipping down the slopes on spindly legs to the edge of the forest where the trees begin to thin. The dying sun made a golden silhouette of her pointed ears and muscled flanks, her long whiskered snout.”

Quotes from the book.
  • Better Reading: “An impressive and powerful anti-war novel by a very gifted Australian writer.”
  • Books and Publishing: “Recommended for fans of Kirsty Manning and Kate Morton, The Lace Weaver is a gut-wrenching tale about a devastating time in history. It is full of hope, heartache and the power of keeping traditions alive.”

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