The Torrent (Detective Kate Miles #1) by Dinuka McKenzie

Published: 2022 1. First lines. 2. Cover: Harper Collins 3. Flood [Public Domain] via Nara Get Archive 4. Man [Public Doamin] via Pxhere 5. Woman. Image by Daniel Spase [Public Domain] via Pxhere

Kate Miles is a heavily-pregnant detective in the fictional town of Essington in the Tweed Valley region of New South Wales. Just before she goes on leave, a violent holdup at a local fast food store is reported. She is also asked to investigate the closed case of a man drowned in recent floods. Both cases become complicated, and Kate finds herself and her unborn baby in danger.

This is a great read, with a plot that is just complicated enough to hold the reader’s attention, and a main character that is believable and likeable. The story moves along smoothly, as the tension builds towards the climax. Better Reading comments: “(the author) weaves an impeccably plotted tale, with pitch-perfect prose, making intelligent choices, with unusual characters, leading the reader through a series of unpredictable turns to an explosive end.” Artshub makes a comment about her writing that is “crisp, clean, and straightforward”, and that “the details of daily life which make it all the more believable, and attractive.”


“Dawn scratched the sky, pink-and-orange hues smudging into grey as Detective Sergeant Kathryn Aneesha Miles – Kate to everyone who knoew her – pulled into the carpark off Tweed Valley Way.”

“‘We have a problem Sarge. Josephine Allen’s father. Roman Allen, as in Councillor Allen. He’s at the hospital now and wants to see the detective in charge.’ A pebble of memory dislodged and settled like an unwelcome guest. An added complication that would need careful handling.”

Awards: Winner of the Harper Collins Banjo Prize 2022

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